January 29, 1913 – Born in Chicago, IL
September 20, 1992 – Died in New York, NY,
1930 Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA
1931 Stickney School of Art, Pasadena, CA
1932 Los Angeles School of Art, Los Angeles, CA
1938 Atelier 17, S.W. Hayter, San Francisco, CA
1944-45 Atelier 17, S.W. Hayter, San Francisco, CA
1950 Brooklyn Museum School, Brooklyn, NY
Solo Exhibitions
1937 Stanley Rose Gallery, Hollywood, California
1961 Poindexter Gallery, New York
1963 Graham Gallery, New York
1969 10 Downtown, New York
1972 Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1973 David Barnett Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
1974 Lawrence University, Appelton, WI
1976 Gallery 641, Washington, DC, Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY
1978 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY
1986 Reuben Kadish – Survey: 1935 -1985, Guest Curator: Judd Tully. Artists’Choice Museum, New York, NY
1986 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY
1989 Grace Gallery, New York City Technical College, Brooklyn, NY
1989-90 Judy L. Magnes Museum, The Jewish Museum of the West, Berkeley, CA
1990 Reuben Kadish, Works from 1930 to the Present, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
1992 University Art Gallery, Staller Center for the Arts, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY
2004 Reuben Kadish Metamorphosis, Pollock Krasner House and Study Center, East Hampton, NY
2007 Reuben Kadish Holocaust Series – Yeshiva University Museum, New York, NY
2018 Reuben Kadish: Witness, Univeristy of Kentucky College Art Museum, Lexington, KY
2022 Reuben Kadish: Earth Mothers, Eric Firestone Gallery, New York, NY
Selected Group Exhibitions
1937 57th Annual Art Exhibition, San Francisco Museum of Art. San Francisco, CA
1944 Institute of Modern Art, Boston, MA
1958 Stable Gallery, New York, NY
1959 V Biennial, Museo de Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1960 Aspects of American Sculpture, Stable Gallery, New York, NY; Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris, France; Pentagon Museum, Washington, DC; Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY
1961 Recent Painting and Sculpture (traveling exhibition), Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; American Culture Show, Helsinki, Finland; Ringling Museum, Sarasota, FL; Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY; Rochester Memorial Art Museum, Rochester, NY; Boston Arts Museum, Boston, MA
1962 Riverside Museum, New York, NY
1965 Cooper Union Museum, New York, NY
1968 Newark Museum, Newark, NJ
1969 Weatherspoon Gallery, Greensboro, NC
1971 Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York
1977 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York
1978 The Root Art Center at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
1981 Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, NY
1984 Objects from the Studio, Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY
1986 Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York
1986 The Brutal Figure:Visceral Images, Robeson Center Gallery, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ
1987 Eight New York Artists (traveling exhibition), Kenkeleba Gallery, Kenkeleba House Inc.,New York, NY; Bockley Gallery, New York, NY; The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1987-88 Ancient Inspirations: Six Figurative Sculptors (traveling exhibition), Alberta College of Art,Calgary, Canada; Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA; Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA; The City Gallery of Contemporary Art, Raleigh, NC
1988 The New Sculpture Group – A Look Back: 1957-1962, The New York Studio School, New York, NY
1989 Made in New York: Encounters with Contemporary Sculpture, Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, Eighteen Jewish Americans, The Jewish Chapel at Westpoint, Westpoint, NY
2005 Surrealism USA – National Academy Museum, New York, NY
2019 Backroom – Front Room, Washburn Gallery, New York, NY
2021 13 American Artists: A Celebration of Historic Work, Eric Firestone Gallery, New York, NY
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