The Foundation

1985, Reuben Kadish in his studio.

1985, Reuben Kadish in his studio.

Foundation’s Mission
As Reuben Kadish stated in his will: “It is my wish and direction that my works of art shall be conserved, displayed and distributed to reach the widest practicable public and shall not be sold or otherwise exploited for the private gain of any individual. that all such works of art will eventually be sold, given or loaned to museums, schools, colleges, universities or other public institutions to be conserved and displayed as part of their permanent collections.”

The Reuben Kadish Art Foundation – EIN # 31-1631167
The foundation was classified a 509 (a)(1) organization in February 1999 and is exempt from federal income tax as described under that section of the Interned Revenue Code. The foundation was incorporate and certified as a not-for-profit corporation in September 1998 by the State of New York (F98091600686).

Board of Directors

  • Judd Tully Chairman, freelance writer & critic, organized “Reuben Kadish-Survey:1935-1985” at the Artists’ Choice Museum in 1986
  • Regina Cherry Acting Treasurer, photographer and painter, long-time friend of Kadish & widow of the Abstract Expressionist
  • Herman Cherry, painter and a life-long friend of the artist
  • Katherine Crum Independent Curator based in New York
  • William Jung Printmaker and teacher; former student of Kadish’s at The Cooper Union
  • David Kadish
  • Philip Kadish a grandson of Reuben Kadish, Philip is an academic and budding author
  • Ernest Marciano Secretary, artist and retired longshoremen; met Kadish when he first taught art at the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Design in the mid-1950’s
  • Hilda Jane O’Connell Painter and long-time friend of Kadish and his family
  • Melvin Pekarsky Art professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook; organized solo Kadish exhibition at the University Art Gallery at Stony Brook in June 1992 with published brochure including essays by art critic Dore Ashton and painter Herman Cherry
  • Richard Pitts artist and FIT professor, Pitts was a student of Kadish’s in the 1950’s at Newark School of Fine Art and Industrial Design
  • Eugene Tolchin Retired professor at the Cooper Union and long-time associate and friend of the artist